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Join us in our journey raising three kids, two dogs, and a relationship with God. We are a simple family with traditional beliefs, who tries to notice the joys and pleasures in every day life. Please feel free to subscribe and leave comments. I love hearing from you all, and I enjoy making new friends. Peace be with you, and God Bless.

"Be who you are, and say what you feel because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter" ~Dr. Seuss~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bad Girl Mom!

So after Jordan got home from school today we were doing a little spelling/reading with the letters on the fridge. Of course, Charlotte wanting to be involved with everything was mixed into the fun lesson.

Object of the game:

Make a sentence using only the letters available and using correct spelling.

The first sentence I wrote, I tried to hide it among the rest of the letters. I wanted to see if Jordan could figure it out.


That was a close up. This is more so what it looked like.


Jordan could not figure it out. He asked me to spell out another sentence. As I was trying to be a little silly...


I had offended Charlotte.

"Mommy, bad girl. Time out Mommy. Not nice. no no no no"

I was completely stunned. So to show her I was truly sorry, I took my place at the wall.


This seemed to provide much entertainment to Jordan. He was taking my photo, laughing, pointing, and crying all at once.


The lengths a mother will go too. Laugh it up son of mine!!

In my defense - an eight year old boy sweating, just from school - how do you think he smelled??

Change of schedule

Because of the earlier wake-up times, the babies are finding it harder to stay awake until their normal nap times. So, instead of laying down at one in the afternoon, they now are going to napping at ten am. Their little bodies seem to adapt to this schedule with out any fuss at all.

William has been taking shorter naps out of the two. He seems to need less sleep in order to re-charge.


He goes down fussy as ever at ten, then rises two hours later bright eyed and bushy tailed. This gives me about a whole hour and a half with just William until Charlotte wakes from her peaceful slumber.


We have been spending that whole hour and a half in his room playing with one another. Puzzles, balloons, dolls, books, or cleaning has entertained him royally until...




it is time for his "Sissy" to rise and shine.


This just leaves the second half of the day even longer. Unfortunately, not long enough for us to go to the pool anymore (before having to be home to meet Jordan's school bus).

Any suggestions on how to waste time?

Color me Early

... and Rainy!

With Jordan being back in school, the days of sleeping in till seven are long gone. Its a 530 rise and shine for everyone in the house.

So how do I keep two toddlers busy at the crack of dawn?


I send them outside with out clothes, paint, paper, and a paintbrush.


It worked well for awhile, until they lost all interest in painting on paper. They took vandalizing the patio chairs, sidings of the house, and even the dog. Thank goodness for the paint being washable and meant for kids.

They were covered in paint from top to bottom. Williams hair at one point was GREEN! The dog had hints of red, yellow and green through out his coat too. My front patio looks like a crayon box exploded. No worries though, it's nothing a hose wont take care of.

So how do you wash off two filthy toddlers that are covered in paint, and whom you forbid entering your home in their condition?


I sent mine out in the rain to play before taking a container of Wet Wipes to their bodies.


How to quickly clean paint off your dog?

- Put your toddler to work with a wet rag!!! haha...


... and watch her work for maybe five min. until she decides otherwise.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Mr Sparrow's Merry Fairy Circus

I enjoy a good book just like the next person, but when I find a book I have never read before that tickles me and brings me back to a childhood state of mind, I am overjoyed!

Walking through a local store here, there was a bin in the middle of the walkway full of Children's bargain books. They were all in excellent shape, most of them were hardcover, and almost all of them retailed for 17 or more dollars and were all marked down to 6 dollars or less. As we looked at all the books, picking out some great new stories for bed time, I came across "Mr. Sparrow's Merry Fairy Circus" written by Mark Kimball.


I searched the Internet for some photos of this book so I could share them with you, but with just my luck, there were NONE!

Here are some of the photos I took of this book. The pictures are just stunning! The story, all by itself is just magical! Both Jordan and Charlotte have fallen in love with this book with me. This book has been read almost every day now for the past week and a half.

(inside cover)

This page reads as follows:

"They Marched around the chamomile and through the four-o"clocks, until they reached the center of three circles made of rocks.

A shadow crept across the moon, the band became real quiet - I held my breath, excited by the scene, I can't deny it.

Then all at once, like magic, those dark clouds were whisked away, and moonlight shone upon those rings, about as bright as day.

Mr. Sparrow's voice rang out, projected crystal clear. It sang throughout the garden loud enough for all to hear -

"Laadieeees and Gentlemen and Children, if you please - focus on the center ring - I present the Great Trapeze!"

With that the drummer drummed his drum - "Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat-Tat!" and from above there flew a little fairy acrobat!"

Some more pages...



I hope you enjoyed looking at the illustrations, and reading that tid-bit just as much as I do.

I highly recommend this book! If you are interested in picking this up for your wee ones, you can find it at amazon here.

Maybe your little ones will be inspired like mine were to make believe they are little fairies too.